Material consideration: alternative site: existence of

Trusthouse Forte Hotels v SSE (1986) 53 P & CR 293

R (on the application of Lucas) v Oldham MBC 2017 EWHC 349

Lisle-Mainwaring and SSCLG v Carroll 2017 EWCA Civ 1315

R (on the application of J ( A Child) v North Warwickshire Borough Council [2001] PLCR 31

(at paragraph
30 of his judgment), that ‘all these materials broadly
point to a general proposition, which is that
consideration of alternative sites would only be
relevant to a planning application in exceptional
circumstances’, and that, generally, ‘… such
circumstances will particularly arise where the
proposed development, though desirable in itself,
involves on the site proposed such conspicuous
adverse effects that the possibility of an alternative site
lacking such drawbacks necessarily itself becomes, in
the mind of a reasonable local authority, a relevant
planning consideration upon the application in question

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