Welcome to my informal planning law resource.  The main purpose of this site is to record cases I’ve read come across that relate to particular areas of planning law.  The cases are listed on the ‘Subject Index and Blogs’ Page (http://planninglawindexandblog.co.uk/subject-index-of-planning-cases).  You can use the search facility to search for any subject or word (for example ‘Lawful development certificate: planning unit’) and it will bring up listed cases on this subject.  I’ve tried to make the subjects narrower than your average textbook index page.  You can also use the alphabet bar to identify subject matters.  Unfortunately the site does not contain links to the judgments but hopefully it will give you a steer in the right direction. the ‘Opinion’  page – http://planninglawindexandblog.co.uk/category/opinion- for the odd bit of blogging.  I hope you find the site useful  but please always seek professional legal advice where necessary.