Inspector’s decision letter: scrutiny/interpretation

Felicity Norman v SSHCLG [2018] WEHC 2910:  para 40:  “An inspector’s decision letter should not be laboriously dissected in an effort to find fault. Decisions are to be read benevolently and on the basis that they are written principally for parties who know what the issues between them are and what evidence and argument has been deployed on these issues. The Court must be astute to ensure that challenges are not used as a cloak for a rerun of the arguments on the planning merits. An adverse inference that a decision maker misunderstood something will not readily be drawn and should only be drawn where all other known facts and circumstances point overwhelmingly to a different conclusion”

South Bucks v Porter (No. 2) 2004 1 WLR 1870

Seddon Properties v SSE 1981 42 P&CR 26

Bolton MBC v SSE 1995 71 P &CR 309

South Somerset DC v SSE 1993 1 PLR 80

Bloor Homes East Midlands v SSCLG 2014 EWHC 754

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