Comparison: NPPF 2012 and NPPF 2018

I haven’t seen this done already so I am going to attempt a comparison by paragraph number of the two documents.  I may run out of steam or it may take me so long to do this that it is actually irrelevant but I think it will help especially with rulings on various paragraphs of NPPF 2012.  To be continued…….

Subject NPPF 2012 NPPF 2018
Protecting Green Belt land 79 – 87 133 – 142
Proposals affecting the  Green Belt 88 – 92 143 – 147
Test for approving major development in National Parks, The Broads and AONBs 115,116 172
Determining whether development is major development (in the context of National Parks etc) NPPG footnote 55
Impact of proposal on existing development 123 182
Impact of proposal on designated heritage asset 132 – 134 193 – 196
effect of application on non-designated heritage asset 135 197
Determining applications – neighbourhood orders and plans 198 None but neighbourhood plan plays a more prominent role in NPPF 2018

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