CIL: Calculation of net chargeable area: Taking into account in-use buildings that are to be demolished

R. (on the application of Giordano Ltd) v Camden LBC 
[2018] EWHC 3417 (Admin)

R. (on the application of Hourhope Ltd) v Shropshire CouncilĀ [2015] EWHC 518 (Admin): on what constitutes lawful use

VOA appeal decision – – demolition of existing garage and outbuildings, erection of 4 terraced dwellings with associated car parking, vehiclular access, landscaping, cycle parking and refuse storage. Decided that existing garage and outbuildings where buildings in lawful use so their GIA could be deducted in calculating the chargeable area. Also deciding that they were ‘buildings’ as defined by the CIL regulations.

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